Bomet Child Centered Community Development Project

This is an OVC support project funded by Help A Child Africa that focuses on empowering the caregivers , community and the structures to support the children.

The project goal is to ensure all children in Abosi have dignified life with love and promising future.

Project interventions target:

  • Children: to encourage and empower them so they are able to develop well at all levels.
  • The youth: to provide them with skills (agricultural, vocational, business, entrepreneurial and life-skills) they will need to sustain themselves
  • Parents and caretakers: to ensure they are able to take care of themselves and the children in their family.
  • The whole community and other stakeholders: to support them in accessing or setting up systems, services and structures that can ensure holistic child wellbeing after phase-out.

Project Successes:

  • Reached 1200 children with life skills education, spiritual nurture, health and nutrition assessments and interventions such as deworming, vitamin A supplementation and treatment of minor ailments and psychosocial support
  • 875 caregivers formed in to 60 Self Help Groups where they make savings and lend group members on weekly basis. They are training on group management, savings and loaning, book keeping and business management.
  • Cumulative group savings of KES 3 million since August 2021.
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