ADSSR is governed by the board of directors comprising of 11 members i.e 3 women and 8 men. The members have specialties in development work, education, finance, legal matters and health representing the interests of the organization and the geographical coverage. The diocesan Bishop is the chair of this board. The term for the current board ends by December 2019. The new board will have improved gender considerations to ensure adherence to the constitution of Kenya 2010. The board meets quarterly. However this has not happened regularly due to the challenge of financing the meetings. This challenge is being addressed through sustainability projects.

There are committees within the board including TRDP and NIDP committees that oversee the regional offices. The new board will consider other committees to enhance efficiency.

The mission of the church in Kericho diocese is twofold, i.e pastoral ministry and social transformation ministry. ADSSR is charged with the social transformation under the Mission department of the church. The ADSSR board, hence reports to the board of mission which in turn reports to the standing committee of the synod. This ensures that ADSSR maintains the standards of the mission of the church. It also creates harmony within the general mission of the church.

The organization has consistently conducted organizational audits under the leadership of the board who that approves the auditors and reviews the audit reports before being presented to any other stakeholders.

Currently, the board manual is under review to improve its operations and ensure standardization

ADSSR operates within the general structure of ADS Kenya forming one of its ten regions and subscribing to the guiding principles of ADS Kenya. Across the region, ADSSR operates through satellite offices and a secretariat. The secretariat consists of the Executive director, the HR officer and the Head of Finance.The three staff work within other departments in the diocese hence double their roles.There are two regional offices in Narok and Transmara headed by program managers. Plans are underway to establish a new regional office in Bomet for ease of operations. Project coordinators work under the program managers heading various projects with the support of the project officers and volunteers.

Governance Structure

Organisational Structure