• Human Health

    Human Health

    We support health through running 2 dispensaries, School Health Programs, WASH programs, primary health care programs in Maternal, Newborn and Child Health, Family planning, Nutrition, HIV and AIDs.

  • Livelihoods and Economic Empowerment

    Livelihoods and Economic Empowerment

    ADS South rift is committed to empower communities to improve their living standards through increased household food security and income. It does this through Farmers’ Field Schools (FFS) and Integrated Farm Planning( PiP) projects, Climate smart agricultural projects, Microfinance program and Self Help Group

  • Orphans and Vulnerable Children Care and Support Programs

    Orphans and Vulnerable Children Care and Support Programs

    ADS Southrift has supported OVC work since 2006. It is committed to changing a child's world. It does this through programs that enhance household's economic empowerment, children's education, health, psychosocial and spiritual well-being.

  • Climate Change Response

    Climate Change Response

    ADS SR is a member of the Green Anglican Movement in Kenya. It responds to climate change through community sensitizations/education, Tree growing, waste disposal management programs, promoting clean energy

  • Peace Building

    Peace Building

    ADS SR collaborates with the county and National governments, ADS Kenya and other players to promote peaceful coexistence in South Rift region. It has been in the forefront in peacebuilding in Narok South, Narok North and Transmara.

  • Cross-cutting issues

    Cross-cutting issues

    Advocacy, Emergency Response, Disability and gender integration, Capacity building; Participatory Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning.

ADS SR - is a sustainable organization honoring God and serving people to achieve dignified living

Core Values

ADS South Rift is guided by a set of core values that inform its mission, vision, and operations. These values are integral to the organization’s identity and guide its interactions with stakeholders.

Faith in God

We operate with a strong foundation of faith, recognizing the divine guidance and purpose in its work. This value underscores the organization’s commitment to serving communities in alignment with spiritual principles.


The organization empathizes with the challenges faced by individuals and communities, striving to alleviate suffering and promote well-being through practical initiatives.


We prioritize sustainable development. It seeks solutions that endure over time, ensuring positive impacts for current and future generations. Sustainability involves responsible resource management and long-term planning.


ADS South Rift maintains high standards of professionalism in all its endeavors. This includes efficient project management, ethical conduct, and a focus on achieving measurable outcomes. Professionalism fosters trust and credibility.

Integrity and accountability

Integrity is at the core of ADS South Rift’s operations. The organization upholds honesty, transparency, and ethical behavior. Accountability ensures that commitments are honored, and resources are used effectively.'


ADS South Rift recognizes the importance of continuous learning and growth. Self-development applies not only to the organization but also to the individuals within it. By investing in personal and professional development, ADS South Rift enhances its capacity to serve communities.



A sustainable organization honouring God and serving people to achieve dignified living.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To transform society by empowering communities to holistically address their needs and glorify God.

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ADS South Rift collaborates with various partners to achieve its mission of empowering local communities.

ADS Kenya
Christian Aid
We World Kenya Foundation
Trinity Church
Narok County Government
Kericho County Government
Bomet County Government